Aous Hasan Alhabbar

Aous Hasan Alhabbar
Aous Hasan Alhabbar Aous Hasan Alhabbar was born in Mosul, Iraq but spent much of his life in Baghdad. He obtained degrees in computer systems and law and subsequently worked in the technology field and in sales. Her previously served as a logistics officer for the United Nations World Food Program. Aous has been leading ... Read more

Rola El-Kadi

Rola El-Kadi
Rola El-Kadi Rola Elkadi spent the vast majority of her professional career in Dubai, working for the MBC Group and Rotana as a TV segment producer and host for several live-on-air shows. Her primary objective was to educate, influence, and improve peopleā€™s lives in the Middle East. After relocating to San Diego in 2012, Rola ... Read more

Setche Kwamu-Nana

Kwamu-Nana, Setche
Setche Kwamu-Nana Setche is a Senior Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), Racial Equity and Learning and Development Practitioner, building bridges that transform hearts, minds, systems, and behaviors. She has a background in engineering and cross-functional experience in organizational development, project management, operations and purchasing, with industry experience in non-profits, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, tech and education. Her ... Read more

Rachael M. Lewis

Rachael M. Lewis Rachael has worked in operations, event management, instructional design, and convention services for more than eight years. In each of these roles, she was passionate about ensuring employees and leaders had access to the tools and resources necessary to do their job effectively. In 2021, Rachael completed a Master of Science in ... Read more

Richard Markell

Richard Markell Dr. Markell is a Member of the Advisory Council for A Path Forward for the NCRC as well a Trainer for multiple sectors at the NCRC. He is a mission driven key opinion leader, business and science entrepreneur, experienced DVM+MBA consultant in the human and animal health industry including clinical practice, pharmaceutical, educational, ... Read more

Saima Nasim

Saima is a community organizer leading new initiatives and developing needed programs throughout her community. She sits on several nonprofit boards in the greater San Diego area, allowing her to support impactful change at both an individual and communal level. Saima owns her practice, Moeen, focusing on conflict resolution servicesĀ ingrained in religious beliefs, values, and ... Read more

Ana Navarro

Ana Navarro
Ana Navarro Ana Navarro (she/her/hers) and NCRC first crossed paths through a Faculty Mediation Program. The program was sponsored by the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Vice-Chancellorā€™s office at UC San Diego, where Ana was a professor of Family Medicine and Public Health. As a faculty member there, she focused on advancing health equity by bringing ... Read more

Daniel Orth

Daniel Orth Daniel Orth is the Associate Director of NCRCā€™s Training Institute where he develops new initiatives, customizes training curriculum for clients, supports trainer development, and leads trainings. For more than 18 years, Daniel has supported individuals, organizations, government agencies, businesses, and communities in the U.S. and abroad to resolve conflict. He specializes in working ... Read more

Jasmine Prezeau

Prezeau, Jasmine
Jasmine Prezeau Jasmine Prezeau is a trainer with NCRCā€™s Training Institute. She brings a broad range of professional and personal life experiences to the team. Her aim as a facilitator is provide NCRCā€™s powerful tools to teams and individuals for increased self-awareness, enhanced communication, and improved collaboration. Jasmine has lived and worked in various countries ... Read more

Nikita Sam

Nikita Sam
Nikita Sam Nikitaā€™s mission is to utilize her unique background, demonstrated skills, and the resources she has in order to serve the greater community. She is able to apply her experiences and growing up as a daughter of refugees to support the needs of her community. Nikita strives to make full use of the opportunities ... Read more