Saima Nasim

Saima Nasim

Saima is a community organizer leading new initiatives and developing needed programs throughout her community. She sits on several nonprofit boards in the greater San Diego area, allowing her to support impactful change at both an individual and communal level.

Saima owns her practice, Moeen, focusing on conflict resolution services ingrained in religious beliefs, values, and cultural sensitivities. Saima received her Master of Science degree in Conflict Management and Resolution from the University of San Diego.

As a trainer with NCRC, she focuses on The ART of Inclusive Communication, Empathy and Mediation Training, and The Bystander Challenge.


  • Conflict Resolution Specialist with RIHLA
  • Conflict Management Specialist with The National Conflict Resolution Center
  • Education Director
  • Business owner


Saima’s focus as a Conflict Resolution Specialist is to facilitate the process of empowerment that leads to resolutions. She also works toward building relationships between those embroiled in a conflict at both the interpersonal and organizational levels.

  • The ART of Inclusive Communication
  • Bias and Anti-Racism (ARTIC 2.0)
  • The Bystander Challenge
  • Conflict Management
  • Mediation
  • Empathy and Mediation Training


Saima has a deep and natural passion for interior design. She is a believer in the impact of space and psychology and has used that to incorporate her skill in interior design to deliver solutions that meet the needs of her clients. She enjoys traveling and learning more about new cultures and customs.