Eric Sandy

Eric Sandy Eric has a wide variety of experience in alternative dispute resolution. He has conducted hundreds of mediations and hearings for the Superior Court, Community Mediation Program, Parent-Teen, Elder Care, Navy, Small Claims Court, and Employment Disputes. CAREER & PRIOR EXPERIENCE Following four years with the United States Navy, serving two tours in Viet ... Read more

Neda Afsarmanesh

Neda Afsarmanesh Neda Afsarmanesh is a part-time trainer for NCRC. During her days, she helps lead research strategy at a large biomedical university in New York City. Neda has a decade’s experience working in science communication, including working with media outlets worldwide; media training scientists and statisticians; and leading workshops across the US for journalists ... Read more

Aous Hasan Alhabbar

Aous Hasan Alhabbar
Aous Hasan Alhabbar Aous Hasan Alhabbar was born in Mosul, Iraq but spent much of his life in Baghdad. He obtained degrees in computer systems and law and subsequently worked in the technology field and in sales. Her previously served as a logistics officer for the United Nations World Food Program. Aous has been leading ... Read more

Dhalia Balmir

Dhalia Balmir
Dhalia Balmir Dhalia is a first-generation Haitian-American social justice and educational equity advocate. She brings perspectives from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors and specializes in strategic planning, conflict resolution and informing equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) approaches. Dhalia is the founder of Balmir Inclusive, an equity-informed consulting business specializing in strategy, inclusive leadership coaching ... Read more

Shelley Barajas-Leyva

Shelley Barajas-Leyva Shelley Barajas-Leyva, MA, is a native San Diegan who has served as a proud NCRC trainer since 2011. During this timeframe, Shelley has had the privilege of teaching conflict resolution skills and the ART of Inclusive Communication to diverse populations. She has also expanded her role as a circle dialogue facilitator, through which she ... Read more

Bob Berk

Bob Berk Dr. Bob Berk is the founder of New Table Consulting, a group that focuses on building capacity in individuals and organizations. After earning his degree in biology from University of California - San Diego, Bob began teaching students with emotional and behavior struggles in the Cincinnati area. This work led to Bob's return ... Read more

Jean Blaise

Jean Blaise Jean Blaise holds a Doctoral Degree in International Education and a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Massachusetts. He is a university lecturer and has taught at several higher education institutions in the United States, including the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Westfield State University, Elms College, and UC San Diego. He ... Read more

Robert A. Bowen Jr.

Robert A. Bowen Jr. Robert A. Bowen, Jr. first became affiliated with NCRC about 3 years ago when he joined the organization as a volunteer community mediator. Since then, he has become officially certified as a practicing mediator successfully assisting in the settlement of many disputes without the need for legal intervention. Shortly after he ... Read more

Karla Broady

Karla Broady Karla Broady has close to 10 years of experience doing conflict resolution and mediation work. Much of this time has been spent at the National Conflict Resolution Center.  She is currently the Coordinator for NCRC’s Restorative Justice Program in San Diego County where she supports the RJ Specialists who work to help strengthen ... Read more

Carol Brookins

Carol Brookins Carol Brookins brings more than twenty years of progressive human resources and employee relations experience in the corporate financial industry. Carol's longstanding work at JPMorgan Chase include her primary roles as Vice President of Human Resources and Employee Relations. Carol has conducted and managed investigations of workplace discrimination complaints filed with federal and ... Read more