Community Services in San Diego


Since 1983, Community Services has been at the heart of NCRC’s mission. Through funding from donors, grants and our fee-for-service programs, NCRC has put serving the community of San Diego at the core of what we do. Whether we are providing no-cost mediations to neighbors or families or offering communication training to at-risk youths, we believe that no matter how large we grow nationally, we must steward our roots in the community of San Diego.

What Community Service Interests You?

Center for Community Cohesion

A community-based initiative with a mission to foster social change, relevant to diverse communities.

Restorative Practices

A program that supports developing healthy communities by building, maintaining, and repairing relationships.

Community Mediation Services

A confidential meeting, guided by a neutral mediator that directs the discussion to a mutually acceptable agreement.

A Path Forward

Events, training, and dialogues providing communication tools to find common solutions to today’s challenging issues.

Workshops for the Community

No-cost community trainings to residents of specific neighborhoods or community organizations, to give residents the tools they need to make their voices heard!

Civic Engagement Initiative

San Diegans working collaboratively for an equitable, inclusive, and connected community.