Workshops for Community Residents

Workshops for Community Residents


National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) has been involved in efforts to support communities throughout San Diego for over 30 years! Our programming is provided to residents of our community to help build the fundamental foundation for thriving communities: effective communication!

Many neighborhoods experience social issues that require constructive dialogue to be fully addressed and no one solution works for everyone. That is precisely why communities need to work together to improve the quality of life for their people.

Through NCRC’s programming, we provide no-cost community training to residents of specific neighborhoods or community organizations, which gives residents the tools they need to make their voices heard.

The community workshops listed below are available as either open enrollment courses or resident-specific training.

Training is offered in partnership with the San Diego County HHSA, as part of the Live Well San Diego Exchange initiative. Workshops for newly arrived refugees and asylees on workplace communication and life skills are offered through the Work Readiness Exchange Initiative.

Workshops for the Community

The Exchange

Revolutionize your conflict management strategy.

The Artful Conversation

Learn how to effectively handle challenging one-on-one conversations.

The Art of Inclusive Communication

Examine diversity and inclusion in a collaborative and helpful way.

The Art of Inclusive Communication 2.0

Take the journey to become an antiracist.

The Bystander Challenge

Harassment prevention through effective communication.

The Client Connection

Give frontline employees the tools needed to communicate with frustrated or difficult clients effectively.

Culture, Communication and Conflict Certificate

Revolutionize your conflict management strategy.

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