Center for Civility


About the Center

The National Conflict Resolution Center and UC San Diego together launched the Applied Research Center for Civility (Center for Civility) to conduct research for action into the methods, dynamics, and best practices for addressing many of society’s most challenging social issues Using NCRC’s programming as a springboard, the Center for Civility designs studies, collects data and conducts quantitative analysis on how we can foster connection in divisive times. ​​Findings will be reported in various formats, including white paper reports, conference proceedings, and academic journal publications.


Areas of concentration include:

  • Rising hate and intolerance.
  • Racial injustice and restorative justice.
  • Workplace culture and microaggression identification.
  • Conflicts and communication around gender and sexuality.
  • Mass incarceration and interrupting the school-to-prison pipeline.
  • Cyberbullying intervention.
  • Religions/sectarian tensions and racial violence.

Our Initiatives

Juvenile Justice Reform
religious intolerance research

Can YOU still talk politics now that people ARE back in the office?

About the Partnership

As members of one of the nation’s top 15 research universities, UC San Diego scholars are not afraid to look deeper, challenge expectations, and redefine conventional wisdom. The university’s public service focus aligns with the mission of the National Conflict Resolution Center, which is to overcome hate, intolerance, and incivility through ground-breaking conflict resolution strategies and new applications to communication techniques.

UC San Diego has collaborated with NCRC since 2014 on the Galinson/Glickman Campus Civility Initiative, also known as Tritons Together. The program provides training for student club leaders in inclusive communications and conflict resolution, and since its inception has trained nearly 10,000 students.

Ready To Get Started?

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