Workshops for the Campus

Workshops for the Campus


The National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) has worked with college campuses all over the world. From Italy to San Diego, our programs have changed the culture of college campuses to promote inclusivity and civility.

Through unique strategies such as our “Train the Trainer” initiatives, we not only teach college students how to effectively communicate in an academic environment, but we empower them to teach others and take ownership of the intellectual climate that exists on their campus.

NCRC offers a wide variety of workshops that can each be tailored to address the issues that faculty and student leadership feel are most important. Our programs work, with post-training surveys showing major improvements in the climate of classrooms, administrations, and student leadership bodies.

If your campus is looking for a new way to promote an environment of tolerance and respect through effective communication and inclusivity, let NCRC perform a pilot training for you to see the results for yourself!

Workshops for Campuses

The Exchange

Revolutionize your conflict management strategy.

The Art of Inclusive Communication

Examine diversity and inclusion in a collaborative and helpful way.

The Bystander Challenge

Harassment prevention through effective communication.

The Art & Science of High Performance Teams

Create a team environment that is efficient, collaborative and successful.

The Art of Inclusive Communication 2.0

Take the journey to become an antiracist.

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