Facilitated Dialogue


Uncover, discuss, and work through challenges to find solutions that work
toward a common goal.

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What is Facilitated Dialogue?

Facilitated dialogue is a conversation guided by a trained facilitator to help groups work through challenges that are negatively affecting individuals and impacting overall group functioning. These facilitated conversations help to create understanding and collaboratively generate solutions while safely discussing incidents of conflict.

How Does it Work?

The facilitated dialogue process is a customized, structured approach to resolving challenges and finding solutions.

facilitated dialogue

How Can Faciliated Dialogue Help You?

Choosing to engage in facilitated dialogue can help foster understanding, build empathy, encourage collaboration, improve peoples’ well-being, and lead to positive changes and solutions. Facilitated dialogue may be useful in the following situations:

  • Difficult workplace conversations.
  • Addressing conflict in your community.
  • Navigating a significant life or workplace transition.
  • Assisting with group decision-making.

This process creates a safe space for everyone to contribute to the conversation and dialogue about changes that affect the group as a whole.

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