About NCRC


Mission Statement: We empower individuals, organizations and communities with the skills and resources needed to address conflict, intolerance and incivility in our society.

Built on the principle that every dispute has a solution, the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) serves a variety of communities in both the public and private sectors — regionally, nationally and internationally. Our mission is to resolve issues with the highest possible degree of civility and equitability to all parties involved.

NCRC was founded in 1983 by the University of San Diego Law Center and the San Diego County Bar Association. With 40 years of experience and over 20,000 cases managed, NCRC is recognized as an international leader in mediation instruction and conflict resolution.

What's there to know about us?

Who We Are

We are a group of dedicated professionals who believe that people can engage in challenging conversations with respect, dignity and hope for the future.

Meet Our Staff

A group of passionate individuals that believe there is a solution to every dispute and are committed to providing others with the tools for resolution.

Board of Directors and Advisors to the Board

A group of committed leaders and community members who uphold NCRC’s mission and propel the organization into the future.