Key Initiatives

The Galinson Campus Civility Program

Whether bringing diverse groups together for facilitated dialogue and shared problem-solving or building restorative systems, National Conflict Resolution Center provides the tools and resources to transform conflict into resolution.

Never have our community and nation needed us more. Political divisions and ruptured systems can leave people feeling like there are no solutions. But we know that every dispute has a solution.

With your investment, NCRC will continue to fuel change through:

NCRC Four Initiatives
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National Conflict Resolution Center’s history of strong public-private partnerships leverages your gift to build stronger systems.

Join us as we invest over $5 Million in the coming years to strengthen systems and equip individuals to solve conflicts at every level of our society.

Empower Individuals. Transform Communities.

Three-year investment table

National Conflict Resolution Center empowers individuals and transforms cultures. Conflicts arise in every aspect of life – at home and work, in classrooms and communities. Your support ensures that the tools and trainings that help transform conflict into resolution are available to both individuals and systems locally and across the country.

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