The Galinson Campus Civility Program

The Galinson Campus Civility Program

Few places reflect our nation’s diversity of race, religion and life experience the way our college campuses do. The rich differences students bring to their lives on campus represent both an opportunity and challenge.

Launched in 2011, the Galinson Campus Civility Program provides communication, inclusivity and diversity training to students and faculty on campuses around the world – equipping them to navigate difficult conversations and find common ground across differences.

The Galinson Project has emerged to balance the principles of free speech and open inquiry with the need to respect differing viewpoints and teach civil discourse in higher education settings.

Developed initially on the campus of California State University San Marcos, the Galinson Campus Civility Program serves students at public and private institutions across the country, empowering them to speak up as bystanders when they see discrimination and communicate more effectively to avoid conflict.

Donors like you have helped take the core tenets at the heart of National Conflict Resolution Center’s work in mediation and make them accessible to students of all backgrounds and beliefs.

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“We consider it our responsibility to partner with the top conflict resolution practitioner in the nation to create a more just, humane future for America.”

– Chancellor Pradeep Khosla,
UC San Diego

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You help institutions of higher education launch
the next generation of leaders and citizens with experience:

  • Building communities that value civility in their lives;
  • Using practical skills, tools and strategies for modeling civil behavior;
  • Recognizing the importance of acting with respect and embracing diversity; and
  • A clear sense of their own identity and values
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National Conflict Resolution Center empowers individuals and transforms cultures. Conflicts arise in every aspect of life – at home and work, in classrooms and communities. Your support ensures that the tools and trainings that help transform conflict into resolution are available to both individuals and systems locally and across the country.

For more information on how your gift to NCRC can bolster students’ ability to engage across difference with respect, call David Jay at 619-238-2400 x229.