Restorative Practices Initiative

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For two generations, zero-tolerance policies in schools have too often treated students with disruptive behaviors – especially young people of color – as criminals to be punished rather than individuals who need to repair harm done and reengage productively with their communities.


Restorative school communities nurture the skills of youth and adults to create campus cultures of learning and safety, rather than punishment.

National Conflict Resolution Center works with school districts to embed restorative practices throughout the educational system. Together we build strong relationships and create positive, welcoming schools where every child is valued and honored for their innate potential rather than face unnecessary punishment.

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With your support, NCRC and the San Diego County Office of Education are spreading the successes of our work in San Diego Unified, Sweetwater Union and Escondido Union High School districts to students across the county.

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NCRC Four Initiatives
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Matched by public funds from both the local school district and the county, your gifts will build a multitiered approach to:

  • Train all members of school communities – teachers, staff, administrators, students and parents – on restorative practices and principles;
  • Equip faculty to facilitate restorative circles and other tools to strengthen relationships before problem behaviors escalate; and
  • Coach specialists in the skills to intervene when harm has been done and suspension or expulsion has traditionally been recommended.
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National Conflict Resolution Center empowers individuals and transforms cultures. Conflicts arise in every aspect of life – at home and work, in classrooms and communities. Your support ensures that the tools and trainings that help transform conflict into resolution are available to both individuals and systems locally and across the country.

For more information on how your gift to NCRC can disrupt the School-to-Prison Pipeline and build stronger communities, call David Jay at 619-238-2400 x229.