Avoiding the Pipeline to Prison

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When a young person’s actions cause harm to other individuals or the community, the traditional justice system focuses on determining what law was broken and what punishment should be given.


Since 2014, National Conflict Resolution Center has shown that holding the youth accountable in a restorative setting:

  • Reduces future criminal activity
  • Empowers those harmed
  • Engages and strengthens the community
  • Saves taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars

Now, the San Diego County District Attorney has selected NCRC to administer the Juvenile Diversion Initiative, expanding the power of restorative justice – and a commitment to address the underlying causes of criminal behavior – countywide.

This leap forward in reforming juvenile justice will reach up to 500 youths a year across San Diego.

Instead of facing charges, a young person works with NCRC staff and a caregiver to develop a case plan. Over three to six months, they complete a restorative conference with community members and those harmed, making amends while participating in appropriate behavioral health and substance abuse therapy and academic counseling.

Once youth complete the program, NCRC continues to work with them to build on their success and develop skills that draw on their strengths, moving from simply avoiding the pipeline to THRIVING as ENGAGED members of our community.

NCRC Four Initiatives
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NCRC’s program costs $5,200 per participant. Prosecuting and incarcerating a youth costs more than $110,000

Donors like you invest alongside NCRC and local government to ensure that, as young people are held accountable and make amends for their actions, they are supported in becoming productive, engaged members of our community.

Three-year investment table
Three-year investment table

National Conflict Resolution Center empowers individuals and transforms cultures. Conflicts arise in every aspect of life – at home and work, in classrooms and communities. Your support ensures that the tools and trainings that help transform conflict into resolution are available to both individuals and systems locally and across the country.

For more information on how your gift to NCRC can disrupt the School-to-Prison Pipeline and build stronger communities, call David Jay at 619-238-2400 x229.