Dialogue in Divisive Times

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Get the tools to have productive, respectful conversations in the face of differences.

Let’s Dialogue

Why Navigating Differences Matters

facilitated dialogue Workplaces, schools, communities, and even the halls have justice are facing a rise in divisive conversations, especially around important topics. Rather than coming to a place of understanding, people often become more divided, which can lead to conflict and fewer solutions.

When you learn to have respectful dialogue, actively listen, and understand another’s perspective, you open the door to learning from one another and finding solutions together, even across differences.

What You’ll Learn in This Dialogue Training

In this crucial conversations training, you’ll learn to:

facilitated dialogue

Set up conversations for success.

facilitated dialogue

Identify different needs and values and how those can drive conflict and help you find common ground.

facilitated dialogue

Recognize biases and how they can impact open, constructive communication.

facilitated dialogue

Explore common divisions in America today.

facilitated dialogue

Create effective solutions through a strategic process of exchanging ideas and perspectives that will help you feel confident when communicating.

facilitated dialogue

Share your perspective in a non-confrontational way as part of collaborative problem-solving.

Who is This Training For?

facilitated dialogue

Government agencies.

facilitated dialogue

Schools and school districts (teachers, administrative, students).

facilitated dialogue


facilitated dialogue


Elevate Your Dialogue with NCRC

Let the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) bring our 40 years of training experience to help your group enhance communication skills, build belonging, and create more inclusive spaces to keep the conversation going.

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