The Client Connection

The Client Connection

Unique challenges arise in managing conflicts with clients. The axiom “the customer is always right,” has its merits, but it is often challenging for front-line staff to effectively manage these situations.

When clients feel “wronged,” they may vent their anger on the nearest representative of the organization they believe has injured them. Staff may be expected to turn the situation around and make the customer happy. That’s not easy if one feels personally attacked for something that they may or may not have control over.

An immediate explanation of policies by the staff can lead to escalation rather than resolution. NCRC’s methodology recognizes the importance of not only solving the problem with the client but also helping participants respectfully respond to the emotions of the clients to achieve better outcomes.

Through interactive exercises, NCRC trainers strengthen the skills the participants bring to the table and teach new skills in an engaging learning environment. Best practices in managing upset clients are reinforced throughout the session.

Participants learn how to effectively manage client emotions not just with effective techniques, but through understanding. They also get to explore and gain skills in communicating challenging information with agitated clients. The better prepared and skilled your team, the better the client connection.

Need help communicating with your clients?

86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience.

– American Express (2016)

And 81% of employees said that they’re motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation for their work.

– Glassdoor (2017)


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