Dhalia Balmir

Dhalia BalmirDhalia Balmir

Dhalia is a first-generation Haitian-American social justice and educational equity advocate. She brings perspectives from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors and specializes in strategic planning, conflict resolution and informing equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) approaches. Dhalia is the founder of Balmir Inclusive, an equity-informed consulting business specializing in strategy, inclusive leadership coaching and deeper level racial equity dialogue. Dhalia is also the co-creator of Connected Conversations with our Youth, a virtual social justice camp, and host of the professional book discussion series, “Get Uncomfortable…Together.” She is passionate about focusing her energy on helping build connections and disrupting the “this is how we have always done things” in order to create innovative and inclusive solutions.


Dhalia discovered some time ago that disruption has always been a part of her DNA and has carried this characteristic throughout her career.   After years of working in social services, healthcare, corporate, and nonprofits, she turned her efforts more towards what comes quite natural to her, disrupting the status quo.  Dhalia has embarked on a new career path and journey in racial and social justice, while bringing in her strategic and analytical skills, and lived experience.


Connection and advocacy drives much of the work that Dhalia engages in.  At the center of it all is her exceptional ability to engage in deeper dialogue and challenge others (and herself) to continue explorative self-work, and articulate EDI and social justice messages.


Reading, listening to classical piano music and traveling are some of Dhalia’s favorite past times, along with Netflix and KDrama binges, walks, and taking in the beautiful San Diego terrain. Her go to treat – chocolate cookies!