The Art of Inclusive Communication 2.0

The Art of Inclusive Communication 2.0

Most say it’s now more common for people to express racist or racially insensitive views.

Black Lives Matter social media posts, protests, marches in the street, Zoom book clubs, and lots of conversations with friends and family–the racial reckoning in our country has many of us engaging in this national conversation like never before. But what’s next?

The ART of Inclusive Communication 2.0 is an interactive, dialogue-focused workshop, where we take a deeper dive into how we can all be actively working to make our communication, our lives, and our organizations more inclusive and anti-racist. During the first part of the workshop, the participants build rapport and skills to help them feel safe in exploring the deeper topics. An atmosphere of respect and shared humanity is developed. Rather than shaming any participant, people are encouraged to acknowledge their efforts and consider additional action. People leave the workshop feeling heard, having learned new insights, and ready to take additional steps toward anti-racism and a more just society.

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Source: Survey of U.S. adults conducted Jan. 2 – Feb. 5, 2019. “Race in America 2019.” PEW RESEARCH CENTER.

Goals of the Workshop

Skill Acquisition

By the end of the course, participants will have the ability to:

  • Create shared agreements that allow for dialogue around challenging topics;
  • Apply the skills of inclusive communication in conversations about racism;
  • Use active listening to communicate understanding and respect for the experience of others; and
  • Express their perspectives in non-confrontational ways.

Paradigm Shift in Attitudes and Beliefs toward Others

By practicing the skills from the course, participants will:

  • Understand and value others’ perspectives and experiences.
  • Acknowledge their own racial reckoning.
  • Recognize their privileges and their relationship to systemic racism.
  • Embrace their shared responsibility to overcome racism.
  • Clarify where their values and interests can lead them to further action.

“I have been doing a ton of reading and watching videos, but the concepts I learned while interacting with the wonderful people who took these classes with me and the facilitators have helped me to craft a series of building blocks that I will be using to build my Anti-Racist workplace and home life. I have learned that it’s not enough to be Not Racist, I must be Anti-Racist, which is an active state. And I must listen without deflecting or defending, I must share my privilege and I must carry my share of the load in this journey.”

Rebecca M.

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