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You are about to embark on a journey that will empower you to create a positive culture with greater impact. Through the National Conflict Resolution Center’s “Culture, Communication, and Conflict” certificate program, you will gain the knowledge you need to revolutionize your conflict management strategy, stand up to perceived microaggressions, and manage conversations in a polarized environment.

Session One: The Artful Conversation

In The ARTful Conversation, you will improve your skills in managing challenging one-on-one conversations. This foundational course lays the groundwork for all subsequent sessions. You will learn to:

  • communicate to reduce tension.
  • use collaborative non-confrontational communication.
  • resolve differences during confrontational dialogue.

Week 1


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Session Two: The Art of Inclusive Communication

In The Art of Inclusive Communication, you will explore strategies and techniques to embrace and promote inclusivity. You will learn to:

  • confidently handle disagreements.
  • integrate a lens of inclusivity.
  • work effectively with different identities.

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Session Three: The Bystander Challenge

In The Bystander Challenge, you will learn how to empower yourself and others to be thoughtful upstanders with the skills to have challenging conversations in ways that demonstrate respect, inclusiveness, and dignity for everyone involved. You will learn to:

  • identify the reasons for bystander inaction.
  • evaluate situations and decide the best course of action.
  • speak up effectively when you encounter red-flag behavior.

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Session Four: The Exchange

In The Exchange, you will learn a structured process for resolving conflicts that empower participants to be fully engaged in problem-solving while also valuing all interests (those of the organization, the leader, and each participant). You will learn to:

  • intervene in conflict situations before they escalate.
  • encourage accountability for both the issue and its solution.
  • create strong internal models of healthy behavior.

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Congratulations on achieving your “Culture, Communication, and Conflict” Certificate!
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