Francesca Towers

Francesca TowersFrancesca Towers

Francesca Towers is an artist specializing in abstract transcendentalist painting. After earning her BA in Art from the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara, Francesca knew she wanted to teach, but was unsure of where she saw herself making the most impact. Alongside full-time work, she continued the development of her professional art practice, Fresca Bella Studios, and has displayed with galleries, museums, fairs, and community organizations in both group, and solo exhibitions. Francesca is passionate about the profound impact of arts-based skill sets such as mindfulness and self-awareness, community building and cultural awareness, and independent inquiry-driven project development. She hopes to combine these focuses into a curriculum and expand Fresca Bella Studios into an educational organization helping teens and young adults.

Francesca currently works full time as the Training Support Coordinator at NCRC, where she helps set up and prepare materials for trainings and provides a variety of internal support for the organization. She views her skillsets and passions within art-education as the bridge that connects her to the tools in healthy and successful conflict resolution.


Artist, Business Owner, Vehicle Acquisitions and Sales, Gallery and Wood shop assistant, Art Teacher


  • The ART of Inclusive Communication
  • University Students


Digital design and painting, content creation, crafting, walking in nature, watching film and tv, and reading.