Ralph E. Hughes, Esq.

Ralph E. HughesRalph E. Hughes

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I am maintaining my practice, but I am extremely happy to be working with West Coast Resolution Group. I love to be involved in mediation, and I think that I have an ability to work with people, to hear their stories and concerns, and to assist them in resolving their conflicts. I tend to follow the traditional approach to mediation, which is to start with everyone in the same room, then go into breakout rooms. However, I can be flexible as required.


$475 per hour

Mr. Hughes is only providing full day cases.

$300 non-refundable administrative fee per party


I graduated from the University of Denver in 1973. I went straight to law school and graduated from Berkeley Law at UC Berkeley in 1976. After graduating, I came straight to San Diego. For a while, I thought that I would become a tax lawyer, and I completed about half of the course work for an LLM in Tax at the University of San Diego before I thought better of it. I have spoken at many continuing education programs. I was an adjunct professor at California Western School of Law for most of 20 years, where I taught “Estate Planning Practicum.”

I have been active in the probate bar in San Diego. I was on the Legal Specialization Committee of the State Bar for several years. I am a member of the Trusts and Estates Executive Committee of the California Lawyers Association. I am a fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC).


I became involved in mediation early, and I took one of the first mediation courses offered in San Diego. For well over a decade, I have represented parties in mediations, and I have conducted mediations – always in the fields of probate, estate planning, or trust and estate litigation.


My favorite hobby is skiing. Every year, I try to get in as many days of skiing as I can – a job that is not so easy for a person living in San Diego. I am learning German. I love to read. I have practiced yoga for many years. From time to time, I go to the sea for some sportfishing.

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