Noushin Dunkelman

Dunkelman,_NoushinNoushin Dunkelman

Noushin Dunkelman is the founder of MaxSynergy Consulting. Her focus is working with biotech companies to optimize organizational, team, and individual performance and effectiveness. After earning her degree in Biomechanical Engineering from the University of California – San Diego, Noushin spent the next 25 years in small to midsize companies in the areas of product development, management, and team development. As a seasoned executive, she has built cohesive teams with various technical and educational backgrounds that worked collaboratively to achieve success. After years of working on the technical side, eight years ago, she decided to refocus her career on helping companies with their organizational challenges.

Currently, in her work at MaxSynergy Consulting, Noushin helps mission-driven companies to create an effective organization through custom practical solutions for culture, leadership, communication, technical management development, and team integration. She does that by improving efficiency across the organization and helping implement new skills and tools needed for long-term success.

As a National Conflict Resolution Center trainer, Noushin specializes in training teams, companies, and education professionals.


  • 25 years – Product Development Leadership in the Biotech Industry
  • 8 years – Organizational Development Consultant

Education & Professional Affiliations

  • BS in Biomechanical Engineering from University of California – San Diego

Training Experience & Specialties

  • Culture, Communication and Conflict
  • Bystander Challenge
  • Exchange
  • Constructive Feedback
  • High Performing Teams
  • Art of Inclusive Communication
  • Bias and Anti-Racism
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Conflict Coaching

Hobbies & Interests

Family time, Fly Fishing, Hiking and Swimming