The Constructive Feedback Solution

The Constructive
Feedback Solution

Learn the tools to turn a difficult
conversation into a meaningful one.

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Effective leadership requires many skills and one essential skill is the ability to give constructive feedback when behavior is problematic. For many, providing constructive feedback doesn’t come naturally, so people often avoid these conversations altogether.

When there is a pattern of disrespectful or potentially harmful behavior in the workplace, it must be addressed in a timely manner to maintain a healthy and safe work environment. The Constructive Feedback Solution, developed by the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC), gives a person the tools, frame of mind, and strategies to make these conversations meaningful and successful.

Lisa Patrilli, author of Visionary Leadership, has identified eight essential skills needed to give constructive feedback, including timeliness, specifics, relevance, perspective, and tone. These skills and more are covered in this powerful 3-hour workshop, which includes discussions, interactive exercises, and practice.

Goals of The Constructive Feedback Solution

  • Strategically prepare for and conduct a meeting to address problematic behavior
  • Fully consider the needs of everyone affected, including the organization.
  • Gain confidence and competence in responding when others are upset.
  • Follow up after the meeting to ensure a positive outcome.

92% of [employees] agreed with the assertion, “redirecting [constructive] feedback, if delivered appropriately, is effective at improving performance.”

– Gallup (2016)


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