The Art of Inclusive Communication


Building on our success in teaching people to communicate more effectively, NCRC developed a state-of-the-art diversity training that leaves all participants feeling valued, respected, and understood. This interactive workshop helps participants explore their personal and cultural identity, and learn:

  • How it relates to communication style.
  • How these different styles can sometimes be the root of communication breakdown.
  • How to recognize when a communication breakdown is happening and do something about it.
  • A model for understanding intercultural (and other identities) awareness and skills that help their own development in all kinds of diverse settings.


Fun, yet thought-provoking exercises help participants learn that the unwritten rules we live by are not always universal. Diversity in the fullest sense of the word, including not only race and ethnicity, but also gender, sexual orientation, age, lifestyle, and abilities are explored and valued.  Recognition of the advantages some have and the history of exclusion are touched upon in a way that helps people move forward together. Additionally, a look at how respectful communication can address difficult comments from others who may be considered racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, or in other ways derogatory to others. All of this is done in a safe and respectful learning environment.

Take the next step toward better workplace communication!

“Companies do a better job of increasing diversity when they forgo the control tactics and frame their efforts more positively. The most effective programs spark engagement, increase contact among different groups or draw on people’s strong desire to look good to others.”

– Why Diversity Programs Fail, Harvard Business Review (2016)


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