About the Peacemaker Awards


Our world is filled with conflict. At NCRC, we are dedicated to proving that, while conflict is inevitable, it is manageable on every level and in all environments. In addition to our daily efforts to build bridges, each year NCRC honors others who find ways to the techniques of honest communication and working toward shared goals that lead to peaceful conflict resolution. While the 2021 Peacemaker Awards were unlike any others, we are glad to continue our legacy of honoring individuals and organizations that build peace in local communities and across the country. This inspiring event continued to prove that peacemaking takes many forms.


Since the first Peacemaker Awards in 1989, NCRC has celebrated the accomplishments of many individuals and organizations for their ability to recognize a need for change, then craft a positive solution to the issue. NCRC has given awards to deserving recipients ranging from well-known elected officials and public figures to reformed gang members and tattoo artists. Knowing that peacemaking happens in a variety of ways, NCRC celebrates both large and small acts of successful conflict management. At the 2021 Peacemaker Awards, we were pleased to add Dr. Anthony Fauci, Nene and Ekene Okolo, and the heads of San Diego’s three community foundations, Beth Sirull, Mark Stuart and Christy Wilson to the list of awardees who actively support collaborative problem-solving and work to bridge divides to strengthen communities. By publicly acknowledging and celebrating these outstanding individuals and organizations, NCRC hopes the Peacemaker Awards will broadcast far and wide that there is hope for change and we must always strive to find positive solutions to conflict and violence.