Stop the Hate

Building Belonging

Resources and workshops for school district board and community members, administrators, teachers, and students.

Let’s Build Together

What is Building Belonging?

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Building on the National Conflict Resolutions Center’s (NCRC) success in managing conflict and teaching communication skills, NCRC has launched a new initiative to help school districts address an array of issues impacting K-12 education. With over 40 years of success, NCRC can help transform conflict into positive, productive opportunities to build belonging and enhance learning environments.

How Can Building Belonging Help Schools?

Many school districts, leaders, and community members are feeling overwhelmed and unprepared with how to navigate increasingly polarized environments. Cultures of disrespect and intolerance are leading to conflict that can feel never ending. Our innovative trainings are designed to empower your school staff, administrators, and students with tools to:

  • Understand communication styles.
  • De-escalate conflict.
  • Become upstanders in their communities.
  • Build trust with youth and colleagues.
  • Implement restorative principles and practices.

These services are supported by the California state-wide Stop the Hate program and the San Diego County Office of Education.

Ready to Get Started?

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